Important LauranDoes179 Update

Hey readers!  Thanks for checking in with LauranDoes179!

The blog has been pretty quiet over the last couple of weeks so I wanted to give folks an update on the LauranDoes179 for ALS Challenge.  Some of you may remember me talking about an ankle injury I sustained running down some stairs in July.  The injury left my ankle incredibly sore and weak and my continued insistence that I run on it has resulted in instability which has left me with a serious case of iliotibial band syndrome in my knee.  I ran the Medoc Marathon (race #11 of the Challenge) with a considerable amount of pain and that pain, plus my physiotherapist’s pleading, got me to finally understand that I needed to take a break and get myself better.  So I’ve had a couple of weeks off from running and have been doing a lot of yoga, stretching, massage, physio exercises, etc. to get back on track.

But my time off for injury has meant I have missed LauranDoes179 Challenge races.  However, my wonderful and supportive husband, Mike, has stepped in to run two of the 15 LauranDoes179 races – the Haddington Half Marathon and the Loch Ness Marathon.  Mike wrote a great race report on the Haddington Half and will fill you in on his success at the Loch Ness Marathon in the next day or two.  We are, therefore, still 100% on track to complete the 179 mile LauranDoes179 Challenge by the 24th of October as planned!  Woohoo!!!!!  You guys can check out the race schedule to see how things are going…it’s been updated to reflect Mike’s participation.

I am feeling better every day and am very positive that I will be able to complete the remaining three races of the challenge…starting with this weekend’s Great Scottish Half Marathon.  It absolutely broke my heart to take a step back and let Mike carry the TeamDrea torch but I know it’s been necessary and he has run his races with so much heart and conviction that he’s done the LauranDoes179 Challenge proud.  Thank you, Mike, for everything.  And thank you to all the people who have donated money to my challenge this year.  It means so much to me and to the Blazeman Foundation.  You guys have really done a wonderful thing and every $1 brings us one step closer to beating ALS.

Well, I’ve got three races to train for so I’d better stop yammering and get back on ye olde treadmill.  But if you’d like to contribute to the LauranDoes179 Challenge, please click my ‘donate’ button in my header or follow the link below.  Many, many thanks! 

You’ll hear from Mike shortly about his experience at the Loch Ness Marathon, race #12 of the LauranDoes179 Challenge, and I’ll be back in a few days to report on the Great Scottish Half Marathon…race #13!

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