The Marathons are Coming

Hey there, reader!  How’s it going?  Super swell, I hope.  And, since you asked, I’m doing pretty well, too.  Except for one thing: the marathons are coming.

That’s right, I have reached the final stage of my year-long LauranDoes179 Challenge to raise money for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS research as part of the TeamDrea Challenge.  I’m running 179 miles over 15 races in 2015 to raise money to help treat and cure ALS and, so far, I’m nine races in.  The remaining six races are comprised of: three marathons, two half marathons, and a 5km.  All in just six weeks.

I can do it! Marathon du Medoc 2014 success!
I can do it! Marathon du Medoc 2014 success!

I can’t tell you how afraid I am.  I’m not so much afraid of the physicality of the challenges ahead.  Being able to run at all, let alone race over 100 miles in six weeks, is a privilege – one all ALS patients lose during the course of their disease.  I’m a lucky girl to be able to put one foot in front of the other on my own accord and I know it.

No, it’s not the running that scares me.  It’s the fear of failure.  This is unknown territory for me.  I have completed the marathon distance before but there’s just so many of the darn things to get through.  Am I training, eating, resting, and recovering correctly?  Because if not, I might fail and that would mean all the lovely, generous people who have so far donated in excess of $2,000 would have donated to an incomplete challenge – an empty promise on my part.  I’m doing all this in exchange for money to combat, in some small way, a disease which just plain destroys lives and I SIMPLY CANNOT FAIL.  So that’s that.  The fear gets swallowed and there will be no failing.

These feet were made for completing my challenge!
These feet were made for completing my challenge!

Here’s a quick rundown of my remaining races (deep breaths, Lauran):

12/09/15 Marathon du Medoc (Bordeaux, France): This race is run through the towns and famous Chateaux of the left bank of Bordeaux.  There are wine and food stops along the way and you literally run through super famous (and delicious) Chateaux like Beychevelle, Lafite, Montrose, and Haut Bages.  It is 26.2 miles of drinking, eating, music, dancing, and face painting (and running).  Costumes are compulsory.  Mikey and I did it last year and, aside from my wedding day, it was the best day of my life.  For real.

The start line at the Marathon du Medoc
The start line at the Marathon du Medoc

19/09/15 Scottish Half Marathon (Edinburgh, Scotland): This one is a brand new event run on a course around the eastern reaches of Edinburgh.  Should be a good way to stretch my legs after Medoc and keep my fitness ticking over for Loch Ness.  [EDITOR’S NOTE: This one was scrapped due to my ankle injury.  Mike’s running of the Haddington Half makes up the miles here towards the 179 mile goal]

27/09/15 Loch Ness Marathon (Inverness, Scotland): Fast and flat route along the edge of the glorious Loch Ness and finishing in the centre of Inverness.  Lots of admin associated with this one (you have to get bused to the start, baggage is meant to be annoying) and there is the ever present threat from marine monsters.  However, Baxter’s soup hosts the carb load party the night before and I am already ridiculously excited about this.  I like soup, what can I say? [EDITOR’S NOTE: Mike ran this one due to my ankle injury…race report coming soon]

04/10/15 Great Scottish Half Marathon (Glasgow, Scotland): This is one of the super duper Great Run events held throughout the UK every year.  I have done three other Great Runs as part of my challenge and I’m really looking forward to this one run round Glasgow’s city centre.  The goody bag t-shirts are really soft as well…simple pleasures.

11/10/15 Edinburgh Big Fun Run 5km (Edinburgh, Scotland): A 5km run round Holyrood Park here in the Burgh.

24/10/15 Snowdonia Marathon (Snowdonia National Park, Wales): My nemesis is waiting for me in the ass end of Wales.  The last race of my challenge is also likely to be my toughest.  Mount Snowdon is the tallest mountain in England and Wales and this race wends its way along the hills and valleys around the base of the mountain.  It’s tough.  I’m scared.  I need a drink.  Is it hot in here?

That’s it for now, reader.  I’ll be back with an update after Medoc.  Thank you so much for listening…it really helped to get some of my worries off my chest.

If all this running has inspired you to donate to the LauranDoes179 Challenge to help treat and eradicated the beastly disease that is ALS, please click on the donate button in my header or follow the link below:

PS: For all those Mikey fans out there…he’ll be doing some of my final races with me!

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