Done: Race #6 of the LauranDoes179 ALS Challenge!

Hey everybody! It’s me again just checking in to let folks know I completed the 6th race of my LauranDoes179 Challenge to raise money for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS research as part of the larger TeamDrea Challenge! Get in!!!!

The race today was the Colour Me Rad Edinburgh 5k which took place at Ingliston fairgrounds out by Edinburgh Airport.

Here's me all fresh n' clean before the race
Here’s me all fresh n’ clean before the race

Colour Me Rad wasn’t really a race at all….there were no timing chips, no kilometre markers, no stop watches or clocks to be seen. It well and truly was just meant to be a fun run for all abilities during which the runners get pelted from head to toe with coloured cornstarch dust. I had never done a fun run before, let alone one with the potential for dust-induced blindness, so I was a bit nervous at the start. Plus, it was cold. COME ON, SCOTLAND IT’S MAY…APPARENTLY YOU DIDN’T GET THE MEMO ABOUT IT BEING SPRING AND ALL!!!

Finish line....not so fresh n' clean anymore!
Finish line….not so fresh n’ clean anymore!

The start was utter chaos. There were no corrals for the different waves, loads of first timers trying to figure out where to go and what to do, and tons of selfie obsessed teens. It went from bad to worse when the giant inflatable start line arch completely deflated when the generator keeping it filled with air short circuited thanks to the rain.

Pelted by pink
Me getting pelted by pink

But, 15 minutes later than planned, the first wave (including me) was off. The first kilometre was slow as there was a narrow arch and a little wooden bridge which each created a bottleneck, along with the fact that there were a lot of big groups and walkers to be run around. But that’s okay as everyone was having fun which was the most important thing. I eventually got close to the front of the pack and found a nice spot where I was running by myself. There were several colour stations like the one in the photo above spread round the course which were fun.  The dust didn’t even taste too bad as I discovered when a guy squeezed a bunch of yellow directly in my face (thanks guy)!

Georgie even got in on the colour action
Georgie even got in on the colour action

I felt good on the course and finished strong in about 20th place though I have no idea what my time was. Probably somewhere around 26 minutes which is alright given the very slow start and the fact that I wasn’t really racing today. It was fun to just enjoy being splattered with the dust and the cheesy pop music which could be heard all over the course. Well done to everyone who ran their first 5k today as well….that’s an awesome achievement and it was great seeing all the first timers there!

Totally radical
Totally radical

Anyways, I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ve been thinking about expanding the blog a bit and maybe writing about other running /challenge related topics along with the race reports so you may be hearing from me slightly more frequently. I know you guys are all giddy with excitement already.

If anyone would still like to donate to my challenge, head to my donate button up top in my header / menu or use the link below. I’d certainly appreciate your support!

43.63 miles down, 135.37 miles to go! My next race is the Great Women’s 10km in Glasgow on May 17th. Love to everybody and thanks for reading!

Here’s a few more pictures from the event for your viewing pleasure:

The full effect
The full effect



One comment on “Done: Race #6 of the LauranDoes179 ALS Challenge!

  1. Sounds like fun! I think it’s hilarious that the starting arch deflated….that’s never a good sign, but it seems to fit int with the off the wall nature of the race.

    Of course, I would love to read posts on other topics. Because I just don’t have enough LaurAN in my life with you across the pond.

    Good job, as always! Enjoy your weekend!!


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