Done: Race #5 of the LauranDoes179 ALS Challenge!

Just chillin' in front of the Craigs before the start of the race
Just chillin’ in front of the Craigs before the start of the race

Guess what, guys? I just finished the Great Edinburgh Run – the 5th race of my LauranDoes179 Challenge as part of the TeamDrea Challenge to raise money for the   Blazeman Foundation for ALS research! 10 points to Gryffindor!

Welcome to the gun show
Welcome to the gun show

The Great Edinburgh Run is an annual 10 mile race run round Edinburgh city centre and beside Arthur’s Seat, our tiny mountain. Or, you know, hill. It’s a great course visually – passing lots of Edinburgh’s most famous landmarks – and it is also a really good challenge as it is super dee duper hilly with almost 50% of the route in the upwardly direction. There is good public support on the route and St. George’s school provides pipers and drummers at each mile marker which is an awesome and charmingly Scottish way to keep runners motivated.

St. George's pipe and drum core keeping folks motivated at the 5 mile marker
St. George’s pipe and drum corps keeping folks motivated at the 5 mile marker

So getting on to the race report, I’d better start with the weather. It was really rather chilly and there was a fine sort of rain mist (rist?) thing going on which made the wait in the chute slightly less than optimal. I was really glad to be off and moving and it took a good mile or two to get everything feeling warm. I started off slowly as I was nervous about being worn out for all the hills and trying really hard to not go out too fast like I did in the Dunbar 10k a few weeks ago.

I got through the first big hill at about the 3 mile mark feeling good and started to speed up when I could in the flat and downhill sections. Miles 5-7 felt good – I was only running about 9 minute miles but I reckon that’s reasonably acceptable given all the dang hills. Mile 8 was a nightmare….all uphill and it just sapped me. But the final mile was all downhill and I gritted my teeth and put the pedal down as best as I could and finished really strong…passing people nicely through to the end. Mikey and Georgie were there to greet me at the finish which was a super way to finish a tough but satisfying race.

Georgie insisted on trying my medal on
Georgie insisted on trying my medal on

Today’s race was a big PB for me at the 10 mile distance and I’m really proud. I beat my time from last year by 1 minute 10 seconds and I finished 200th in the women’s open division. I really feel invigorated for the rest of my challenge. I know I am doing this for charity but it’s important to me that I race these races as strong as I can – I don’t want to just trot round.

Anywho, that’s about it. Mike is currently making me cheesy biscuits and scramby eggs for a post race supper (super excited) and I’m looking forward to my next race. If anyone would like to donate to my challenge to help raise money for the Blazeman Foundation, please use my swanky new donate button in the header / menu or use the link below. I’d certainly appreciate it!

That’s all from me for the time being. Thanks very much for reading! I’m now 40.53 miles into my challenge….138.47 miles left to go! Next race is the rather bizarre Colour Me Rad 5k on the 9th of May!

Love to everybody, Lauran

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