DONE: Race #3 of the LauranDoes179 ALS Challenge!

Hidey ho there, neighbours!

Me! On the MUrrayfield pitch!
Me! On the Murrayfield pitch!

I do hope everyone is having a good weekend thus far. Just a quick update to let everyone know that I have just this very morning completed the Edinburgh Kilomathon, the 3rd race of my LauranDoes179 Challenge as part of the TeamDrea Challenge to raise money for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS.

Yay me and all that. But you may be asking yourself ‘self, I wonder how Lauran got on in her race?’ Well, thanks a bunch for asking….I’ll be happy to fill you in! The 13.1km Edinburgh Kilomathon ended up being a cracking race.  Things kicked off  bright and early at Ocean Terminal and immediately wound round by the lovely Royal Yacht Britannia (shaky picture below).

Passing the royal Yacht Britannia in the first kilometre of the race.
Passing the royal Yacht Britannia in the first kilometre of the race.

The majority of the race from there was along familiar leisure paths following the old railway lines and the Water of Leith river West through the city towards our goal….Murrayfield Stadium where the Scottish National rugby team and the Edinburgh Gunners rugby team both play.

The route was fast and flat and, because I tend to go for negative splits in races, I got passed A LOT during the first 3km or so. But I was feeling awesome (seriously, really good) and I started hunting people down from that point onwards. I finished my 10km waaay under an hour which I was pleased about given how much my chest infection had impinged upon my training up until about a fortnight ago. From 11km, Murrayfield Stadium was in sight so I put the pedal down as best I could after over 10km of pushing and I managed my first proper sprint finish of the season out over the finish line ON THE PITCH at Murrayfield. ON THE PITCH!!! I was such a happy bunny…and my effort was rewarded with a 230th place finish out of 705 women. Sweeeet.  The best bit was my lovely husband, Mikey, and my silly fluffy dog, Georgie, were there to greet me at the finish. Below is a photo op with Georgie (she wasn’t particularly interested):

I was happy....Georgie was less enthusiastic.
I was happy….Georgie was less enthusiastic.

So that was that! I’m now sitting on my sofa, post bath covered in dogs and ibuprofen cream enjoying a little (big) glass of cab franc. I have to say this race was the very first race of my challenge that’s really engaged me. I raced it…I didn’t just run it. And that felt great. I felt brave and strong  and crazy happy and totally, unbearably, finish-line-sob inducingly grateful to be doing it. Goddammit I’m lucky.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading. I just want to remind everybody that donations would be gratefully received via the  fundraising link below. My friends and family and colleagues have been so generous so far….let’s just keep it going as the Blazeman Foundation does such great work battling ALS. Seriously, y’all.  Here’s the page:

That’s all for now, guys. Thanks for reading. Just a few more pictures for you below from the day. 24.33 miles down, 154.67 miles to go! Next race is the Dunbar Running Club 10km on the 4th of April!

Me and my...uhhh...boyfriend.
Me and my…uhhh…boyfriend.
Georgie and me with the Scottish Rugby Team.
Georgie and me with the Scottish Rugby Team.
Me at Murrayfield finish line.
Me at Murrayfield finish line.

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