Welcome to LauranDoes179

Hey friends, thanks for stopping by!  This is going to be a quick post introducing the LauranDoes179 for ALS challenge but do check back often as I hope to update you all regularly on my journey.

The purpose of the LauranDoes179 challenge is to run 179 race miles across 15 running events in 2015 as part of the TeamDrea Challenge to raise as much awareness of and money for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS research as possible.  My race agenda is as follows:

1) Great Winter Run 5km – Edinburgh (Jan 10) COMPLETED

2) Meadows Half Marathon – Edinburgh (8 Mar) COMPLETED

3) Kilomathon 13.1km – Edinburgh (29 Mar) COMPLETED

4) Dunbar Running Club 10km – Dunbar, Scotland (4 April) COMPLETED

5) Great Edinburgh Run 10 miler – Edinburgh (19 April) COMPLETED

6) Colour Me Rad 5km – Edinburgh (9 May) COMPLETED

7) Great Women’s 10km – Glasgow, Scotland (17 May) COMPLETED

8) Isle of Skye Half Marathon – Isle of Skye, Highlands (13 June) COMPLETED

9) Hadrian’s Wall Half Marathon – Northumberland, England (28 June) COMPLETED

10) Haddington Half Marathon – East Lothian, Scotland (8 August) COMPLETED BY MIKEY DUE TO MY ANKLE INJURY

11) le Marathon du Medoc – Bordeaux, France (12 Sep) COMPLETED

12) Loch Ness Marathon – Highlands, Scotland (27 Sep) COMPLETED BY MIKEY DUE TO MY ANKLE INJURY

13) Great Scottish Run Half Marathon – Glasgow, Scotland (4 Oct) COMPLETED

14) Edinburgh Big Fun Run 5km – Edinburgh (11 Oct) COMPLETED

15) Snowdonia Marathon  – Snowdonia National Park, Wales (24 Oct) COMPLETED

Here is my fundraising page for the Blazeman Foundation.  Please consider donating or, if this isn’t possible, come along and run one of my events with me or maybe even just cheer me over the finish line!


Why ALS?  Because my lovely, inspiring friend, Andrea, has it.  Because there is no cure and very few treatments.  Because it affects thousands of people worldwide – not just patients, but families, friends, and caregivers alike.  Because nobody has EVER said ‘I survived ALS.’  Because this needs to change….we need to beat it so that others may live.

Why Blazeman Foundation?  As a member of Andrea’s army against ALS, Team Drea, I have committed to fund raise for this family-run foundation as it is close to Andrea’s heart.  Jon ‘Blazeman’ Blais was a triathalete, just like Andrea.  Also, the charity does so much good work.  The Blazeman Foundation plows its donations into scientific research for treatments and cures ‘so that others may live’ and works exceptionally hard to keep overheads low.

Why 179?  It’s Andrea’s lucky number and has followed her around popping up in unexpected places for decades.  It was also, rather magically, Jon ‘Blazeman’ Blais’ race number when he completed his Ironman after his ALS diagnosis.

I think that’s enough from me for now.  I so appreciate you stopping by and thanks in advance for any support you may be willing to give – financial or otherwise.  Any questions?  Leave ’em in the comments and I’ll get back to you!

Learn more about my chosen charity at the Blazeman Foundation homepage:


You can find out more about my friend, Andrea, at her terrific blog:


You can get a brief overview of ALS at good ol’ wikipedia:


See how happy I am when I run?!?! Even in the rain! ;)
See how happy I am when I run?!?! Even in the rain!

8 comments on “Welcome to LauranDoes179

  1. I love this, Lauran! This is HUGE challenge — thank you. I love triathlon, but I’m a runner at heart. I actually can’t talk about running without crying (still), I miss it so much. So it makes me happy to picture you out there: getting that runner’s high, blowing off steam and stress, surprising yourself along the way by going faster and farther than you ever thought possible. I am also so glad that you are blogging about your experience. My 70.3 race report means so much to me to look back on now…

    I can’t wait to follow you on this journey! You’re a beast my dear! Also, cute run photo 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. My beautiful and totally surprising daughter ! From riding to running … you have never ceased to make me such a proud mom !!! What you are doing is a beautiful thing for a beautiful friend to try to fight this disease. Keep it up kiddo … hope to be there for the Loch Ness run !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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